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Personalize your look with our Zodiac necklaces, perfectly crafted to showcase your star sign in style.

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Unleash your inner star and elevate your look with our exquisite Zodiac ring collection, crafted to showcase your unique personality and cosmic charm.

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Unlock the magic of the stars with our captivating Zodiac bracelet collection, each piece personalized to reflect your unique astrological energy.

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Elevate your style with our stunning Zodiac pendant collection, each piece designed to embody your individuality and inspire your inner star.

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Discover the stars in you with our zodiac-inspired collection, featuring unique constellations for each sign.

Astra Zodia: Your One-Stop Shop for Zodiac Jewelry, Accessories & Decor

Fashion and clothing are subject to constant renewal and competition between industrial and artisanal haute couture. Aware of the importance of the fashion trend marking each era, the codes they impose, the look and image they reflect, the creativity and freedom they display, the aesthetics and personality they reflect, the astrological meanings they convey… Astra Zodia volunteers to add a good dose of originality to all this. Through our entire collection of personalized items, zodiac merch is now a part of everyone’s unisex wardrobe and jewelry box. We offer a whole catalog of zodiac merchandise collections available in different styles and colors that correspond to each astrological sign.

You will find on our e-shop Astra Zodia a wide range of articles printed with your zodiac sign. Ready-to-wear and accessories zodiac sign merch that invites itself in the store of high fashion to bring more comfort to your look, more protection to your figure and more style according to your astrological belonging. All the astrology merchandise models offered here have been carefully chosen to match your quest for love, happiness, well-being, comfort and a promising professional future. The more you are interested in your astrological correspondence, the more you add emotional, social, psychological and spiritual value to the market value of your accessories and clothing styles.

To start your quest and find the essentials printed by your sign, just take a little detour in our zodiac shop clothing, jewelry, decor, ultra trendy accessory departments. Each variant displays the elegance and authenticity of the male figure, the charm and beauty of the female posture, the deserved life paths for everyone and the personality of each youth. What makes us unique is the abundance of choices of high quality items, ranging from clothing to fancy goods that go with it. You will surely find creations compatible with your personal sign and look, from the most natural to the most sophisticated and at a well thought-out price.

Zodiac Jewelry

A very thoughtful online shopping platform, Astra Zodia works hard to serve men’s elegance, women’s beauty and children’s style. A great reference in selling ready-to-wear and accessory collections, our astrology shop online puts quality over quantity in different styles, patterns, prints and colors. We unravel the best jewelry pieces: bracelet, charm, earring, necklace, pendant, piercing, ring and many others that have the wind in their sails. Resolutely trendy, the jewels of bust, hair, neck, arm, waist, hands, ears, head, nose with zodiac patterns or astrological themes are presented like cult celebrities on our site. Timeless of the male and female wardrobe, the amulets, the charm, the chains, the trees of life, the cassolettes, the medals, the solitaires, the medallions and piercing also enter the ranks of our flagship pieces.

Astrology takes an important place in the daily life of everyone nowadays. Many reasons push us to study the meaning of each sign, including the need to know the personality and character traits that correspond to one’s date of birth, to illustrate one’s temperament, to be treated by lithotherapy, to know one’s belonging to the signs “fire, earth, air, water”, to dress while identifying oneself according to one’s sign… On Astra Zodia, we are constantly striving to offer the best. Beautifully adorned with precious stones, semi-precious stones or natural stones, everything has been carefully selected to honor different pieces of body adornment according to the sex, age, social status and zodiac sign of each. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces… Through our collection, make your dressing room and astrological binomial your best ally.

Knowing the diversity of the date of birth and zodiac signs, not all jewelry can suit a person. Thus, to appease the anger and impatience of the ram, it is better to wear a jewel set with red stone. A bull of calm nature, faithful in search of harmony and security requires a jewel with green jade stone. A Gemini with a dual nature, moody, intelligent, curious and passionate is worth wearing a jewel with blue stone. A Cancer with a sense of loyalty, a sense of caring and a quest for a fulfilling love affair can be dressed in an outfit that matches an emerald green gemstone.

Known for its strong personality, pride and determination, a lion is a good match for a piece of jewelry set with a sparkling diamond stone. Always cautious, methodical, perfectionist, maniacal and thoughtful in its approaches, the all-sparkling stone is associated with the virgin. A friendly, loving but overly indecisive figure, green symbolizes and maintains the temperament of a libra. A piece of jewelry with a brilliant stone soothes a Scorpio’s mind as well as his moody, outspoken and loyal nature. To fortify his wealth of ideology, sense of repartee and full of vitality and optimism, a Sagittarius may look to the blue stone. The black stone corresponds to the cautious, reflective, sincere, loyal, introverted and cold character of Capricorn. The green stone corresponds to the sometimes independent and creative character of an Aquarius. A Pisces should add to his outfit a jewel set with turquoise stone to support his listening skills, his tolerant nature and lack of optimism.

Zodiac Necklace

Since the zodiac is now part of our world of high fashion and jewelry, you will find on our zodiac online store the astrological order of the jewelry but also a detailed overview of their respective history. Decorative necklaces and lucky charms, in different styles, colors and designs, with a standard or personalized look, illuminate our windows to bring peace, comfort, well-being and physical health to everyone according to their sign. The astro necklace would be the best personalized present to please yourself or your loved ones. Simply submit your birth date to adjust the zodiac sign to be engraved on the front or back of your lovely constellation merchandise. For more personalization, it is possible to engrave the sign, the name, the first name or the date of birth on the necklace designed in yellow or pink gold, gold plated or silver …

Coming from countless sources of inspiration of the high jewelry, the models of astro necklaces that we suggest on our site have been carefully selected among the best of the best. Wearing astro necklaces will boost your fashion, protection, health and well-being quotient. Recently updated on zodiac sign shop, our collection of astro necklaces is a must have to make you happy and elegant in any season or for different occasions. You will discover many variations, notably, models of necklace in silver, gold, or gold plated engraved with your sign or your name or your date of birth. Other models are set with precious or semi-precious stones. Like: crystal, diamond, zircon … In short, there is something for all signs, styles, sexes and ages.

Excellent ally and essential of the male and female dressing, the astro necklace is a timeless astro fashion accessory. Each model of zodiacal necklace brings a natural, simple, elegant, rich look for prices that dare to face the competition. Designed to suit both men and women, each model of astro necklace should surely please the romantic, the glitter queen, the most daring and perfectionist, the charmer, the classic, the whimsical, the organized, the artist, the hippie, even the most extravagant…

Zodiac Rings

An inseparable companion of a married profile, a flagship piece of the young stylish, the zodiac rings fit proudly in all the wardrobes of modern times. Our constellation shop offers an extensive selection of high quality zodiac rings at the best price and corresponding to each sign. Astra Zodia will provide you with the best horoscope merch on the market. By taking a little detour in our jewelry department, discover our best and most recent zodiac rings. From the most classic to the most luxurious styles, colors and designs, from the silver to the most laminated, from the standard to the most personalized, but also the lightest or sturdiest or most practical models.

At horoscope online shopping, all the future engaged or married people will surely find a complete satisfaction. Single people are not left out. In addition to offering a wide range of choices of jewelry and zodiac rings, our site highlights authentic, original, custom, standard, personalized, robust, unalterable models. Thus, all ranges of zodiac rings served in our showcase zodiac online shop is suitable for all circumstances. Worn daily in the home, in the workplace or outdoors, all our models are cut by experienced jewelers, based on quality material, to fit all skins and hand morphologies.

Zodiac Bracelets

In order to keep constantly a reference figure in fashion accessories sales, our horoscope shop, Astra Zodia, keeps on offering you a wide choice of adornment items with fashionable colors and designs associated with your sign to perfect the style. You will surely find models in anchor, leather, pearls, steel, silver, gold or gold-plated… Through our best sellers, update your fashion by embellishing your hands and ankles with the best trendy pieces: bracelets in the colors of the astro fashion. By browsing through our bracelets departments, give yourself and/or your loved ones the best memorable gift, in zodiac fashion and with the most fashionable styles, colors and design. Zodiac bracelets are also part of the trendy jewelry items of the moment and are featured in our showcase.

Timeless zodiac signs as stores, precious stones, semi-precious stones and natural stones are also among our key pieces. Proudly worn by men and women, they can bring a classic or casual look, rock, rebel or eccentric, discreet and glamorous, casual or sporty depending on the profile and star sign of each. On our shop constellation, you will find different possible variations of zodiac bracelets. Know that the steel bracelet is a unisex fashion accessory highlighting the wrist to the whole outfit. Known for its solid yet flexible appearance, the leather model, meanwhile, brings more freedom of movement, more originality and more personality to the style according to the sign.

The pearl model displays more originality and authenticity for different occasions. A must-have fashion accessory for men, the corded model expresses more simplicity and seduction to the male figure. The model set with precious stones remains the feminine fashion accessory par excellence. Available in steel, silver, leather or pearls, each model we propose is symbolized, distinguished and marked by the twelve astrological signs.

Zodiac Art

Fascinated by the importance of the representation of the astro signs, the great fashion designers are now tending to sewing designs illustrating the signs of the zodiac. On horoscope store, you will find suits, dresses, hoodies, pajamas or shirts designed according to the experiences and know-how of zodiac art. For a look that matches your style and zodiac sign, men and women alike are attracted to zodiac art printed clothing and fashion accessories. In our clothing departments, you will find many cuts and seams, for men or women and children, printed with zodiac signs or any other drawings that are related to it. The clothes offered in our e-shop have been carefully selected so that you can enjoy them with the guarantee of a better quality-price ratio.

In our Zodiac Art section, you will find astrology in all its forms. Decorated with astrological signs, blankets, watches, posters, stickers and many other home decoration accessories will also embellish your home. From minimalist to maximalist, from rustic to modern chic, from conservative to exotic, on Astro Zodia all profiles will find their share of happiness. You just have to take the time to define the message you want to wear or convey as suggested by your zodiacal binomial before approving your quest through our e-shop.

In addition to a wide range of choices of clothing accessories and decorative objects, our site strives to offer you high quality items, resistant, original, unique and functional in the long term. Thus, each article of decoration with Zodiac Art pattern proposed in our shop window is adapted in any circumstance.

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Si les voyages conduisent à une ouverture de la conscience, l’amour transcende le chemin parcouru par deux êtres. A l’occasion d’un voyage en Italie, à l’aventure, l’émerveillement s’est opéré.
C’est ici que débute la belle histoire d’Anna Velazia et de son compagnon, passionnés de voyage.

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