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  • Chinese Zodiac KeychainChinese Zodiac Keychain

    Chinese Zodiac Keychain

  • Constellation KeychainConstellation Keychain

    Constellation Keychain

  • Pisces Keychain

    Pisces Keychain

  • Aquarius Keychain

    Aquarius Keychain

  • Capricorn Keychain

    Capricorn Keychain

  • Sagittarius Keychain

    Sagittarius Keychain

  • Scorpio Keychain

    Scorpio Keychain

  • Libra Keychain

    Libra Keychain

  • Virgo Keychain

    Virgo Keychain

  • Leo Keychain

    Leo Keychain

  • Cancer Keychains

    Cancer Keychains

  • Gemini Keychain

    Gemini Keychain

  • Taurus Keychain

    Taurus Keychain

  • Aries Keychain

    Aries Keychain

  • Pisces Keyring

    Pisces Keyring

  • Capricorn KeyringCapricorn Keyring

    Capricorn Keyring


From ancient times to the present, astrology has captured the imagination of people and inspired fascinating art, poetry and stories. At Astra Zodia, we are proud to incorporate this history into our zodiac keychain collection.

THE jewel that reveals your starry personality

Our zodiac keys is a unique and surprising accessory that allows you to proudly wear the characteristics of your astrological sign. Designed to stand out from the crowd, this little jewel will accompany you everywhere you go. Express this passion for astrology and fashion with our zodiac keychains and Zodiac Sign Buttons, a perfect marriage between the two worlds.

Shapes and styles to suit all tastes

Available in different shapes and styles to suit all tastes. Each zodiac sign keychain is carefully crafted to reflect the essence of each astrological sign. The astrology keychain for the sign of Aries features an embossed ram’s head, while the one for Pisces is embellished with a charming little fish. The materials used vary from gold-plated metal to sparkling crystals.

A perfect gift for any occasion

Each horoscope keychain is accompanied by a concise but valuable description of its associated astrological sign, making these bag or key jewels true allies. Above all, they help us to better understand the personalities around us. Our zodiac sign keychains are fashionable style elements that you can proudly display by hanging them on your bag or car keys, adding a touch of sophistication to your look. Choose our constellation keyring, a fashion accessory that combines craftsmanship and contemporary design for a sophisticated yet timeless look.

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