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  • Aries Diamond Ring

    Aries Diamond Ring

  • Cancer Birthstone Ring

    Cancer Birthstone Ring

  • Capricorn Birthstone Ring

    Capricorn Birthstone Ring

  • Aries Birthstone Ringaries gemstone ring

    Aries Birthstone Ring

  • Libra Birthstone Ring

    Libra Birthstone Ring

  • Pisces Birthstone Rings

    Pisces Birthstone Rings

  • Gemini Birthstone Ring

    Gemini Birthstone Ring

  • Leo Birthstone Ring

    Leo Birthstone Ring

  • Sagittarius Birthstone Ring

    Sagittarius Birthstone Ring

  • Virgo Birthstone Ringvirgo ring stone

    Virgo Birthstone Ring

  • Scorpio Birthstone Ring

    Scorpio Birthstone Ring

  • Taurus Birthstone Ring

    Taurus Birthstone Ring

  • Aquarius Birthstone Ring

    Aquarius Birthstone Ring

  • Aries Constellation Ringconstellation ring aries

    Aries Constellation Ring

  • Capricorn Constellation RingCapricorn Constellation Ring

    Capricorn Constellation Ring

  • Scorpio Constellation RingScorpio Constellation Ring

    Scorpio Constellation Ring


Since their appearance on the market, jewelry with astrological signs mark their territory and arouse the craze of fashion jewelry addicts and timeless trends. Available in models for men, women and children of all ages, zodiac rings fit perfectly with different looks. A first choice ally to please or to please yourself, the zodiac sign ring is a unique and special gift to offer to your loved ones. Whether it is to complete your daily look or as a gift, a myriad of zodiac ring designs are available on Astra Zodia to inspire you.

Constellation ring : the perfect gift for a couple

Showing your love and affection to your partner is not always easy. The most original way to express it is to give him a personalized ring. With his astrological sign, it would be more stylish and unique. Indeed, astrology rings have long been a valuable symbol of personalized gifts. For a woman, this particular and whimsical touch of zodiac sign remains both discreet and elegant. All you have to do in this case is to personalize the horoscope rings according to your partner’s zodiac sign.

Most of the time, it is difficult to find the perfect gift to amaze your other half for a special event. At Astra Zodia, the choice is truly immense. Opting for a zodiac sign ring as a gift is the best option especially if your partner likes fancy jewelry. You will easily find a ring of the sign of fish, bull, virgin, capricorn, lion to make your half shine. To form a perfect match, Zodiac Bracelets is a sure bet and suitable for any occasion, such as anniversary, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve or any other event worthy of being marked by such an offering.

Zodiac constellation ring: simplistic or sophisticated

The constellation rings collections offered on our e-shop Astra Zodia come in a wide choice of models reflecting your personality. If you are rather simplistic, a ring decorated with the motif of your zodiac sign is more than enough to reveal your charm. For those with a more sophisticated taste, it is possible to find the right ring for you by browsing through our catalog of the most fashionable zodiac sign rings. In front of the myriad of original creations of zodiac jewelry rings, you will inevitably succumb under the charm of the models realized with the greatest care. Moreover, these jewels are available for the whole family with various sizes.

Infinite customization possibilities

To be sure to offer a rewarding gift to your loved one according to his or her zodiac sign, our collection of ring with zodiac sign is absolutely worth a look.

Aries horoscope ring

This sign reveals great energy and enthusiasm in everything it does. A zodiac sign ring personalized by his astrological sign will amplify his positive traits.

Star constellation ring for the bull

Unlike Aries, Taurus is practical and entirely materialistic. To give him a fashionable astrological jewelry, just give him an astrology rings decorated with the valiant bull.

Zodiac ring set for cancer or lion

If you have a loved one with the astrological sign of Cancer, giving them a ring with this design will show your affection for them. The same goes for the fire sign Leo. A horoscope ring engraved with this design will increase their bright and bold character tenfold.

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