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Zodiac Rug

  • Taurus CarpetTaurus Carpet

    Taurus Carpet

    from $32.99
  • Aquarius Rug

    Aquarius Rug

    from $29.99
  • Capricorn Rug

    Capricorn Rug

    from $29.99
  • Gemini Rug

    Gemini Rug

    from $29.99
  • Taurus Rug

    Taurus Rug

    from $29.99
  • Aries Rug

    Aries Rug

    from $29.99
  • Leo Rug

    Leo Rug

    from $29.99
  • Libra Rug

    Libra Rug

    from $29.99
  • Pisces Rug

    Pisces Rug

    from $29.99

Accessory of decoration and interior design, decorative object woven by hand or by industry, means of decoration of the ground or wall… the carpets crowned of circular sky band of 360 degrees or zodiac bottom have from now on the wind of poop. Designed in natural or artificial fabric, with red or personalized background, from the simplest to the most refined style, this art is the result of know-how and experience inherited from the ancients. Available exclusively in our Astra Zodia store, our rich collection of zodiac rug, is the centerpiece of decoration, furnishing and renovation in the home as well as in professional and cultural environments.

Zodiac Rug in all its diversity

For each of the models available exclusively in our showcases, you will enjoy original, nice, chic, vintage zodiac rug, standard or personalized worthy of each figure of the zodiac. Through our different collections of high fashion, it has become easy to find models matching the minimalist, maximalist, exotic, modern or rustic style… Designed in cotton canvas, wool, artificial materials, personalized, red… you will surely enjoy the models of zodiac sign rug offering a feeling of soothing, happiness, comfort and softness in the living room as well as in the bedroom for all seasons. For a total warm look on the theme of the star and zodiac, complete your purchases in our collection of Constellation Bedding will also make the most beautiful effect.

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