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Zodiac Thong

  • Aquarius Thongaquarius chain thong

    Aquarius Thong

  • Capricorn Thongcapricorn thong chain

    Capricorn Thong

  • Taurus Thongtaurus chain thong

    Taurus Thong

  • Libra Thonglibra thong chain

    Libra Thong

  • Leo Thongleo thong chain

    Leo Thong

  • Scorpio Thongscorpio thong chain

    Scorpio Thong

  • Sagittarius Thongsagittarius chain thong

    Sagittarius Thong

  • Pisces Thongpisces chain thong

    Pisces Thong

  • Gemini Thonggemini thong chain

    Gemini Thong

  • Virgo Thongvirgo thong chain

    Virgo Thong

  • Aries Thongaries thong chain

    Aries Thong

  • Cancer Thong

    Cancer Thong


When you proudly assume your zodiac sign, you get all the accessories that go with it. Even undergarments follow this trend closely and adopt well marked details for each zodiac sign. That’s why the zodiac thong remains a sexy and fashionable lingerie to personalize your underwear with style. A golden underwear adorned with the initials of your zodiac sign will make the difference and will not go unnoticed by your lover. Available in various sizes and colors to suit your taste, the zodiac sign thong remains the final touch to be sexy and reveal your femininity. You have a wide choice by consulting the models available on Astra Zodia.

Zodiac Thong: the must-have accessory that can be customized as desired

With marked details of Zodiac Jewerly such as a silver pearl or gold chain worn on the neckline or hips, through a zodiac thong chain, your strong power of seduction will stand out more. Inspired by astrology and the 12 signs of the zodiac, the entire collection of zodiac thongs available in our online store brings a personalized touch to your style. To give or to offer, the whole collection of lingerie will make an original gift idea. What’s more, the zodiac charm thong is offered in a wide variety of models, colors and styles suitable for different female morphologies. Teenagers, small, medium and tall ladies will find their happiness by browsing the catalog available on Astra Zodia. Also, don’t forget that other accessories like the zodiac waist chain are also available on the platform to accessorize other lingerie in an even sexier way.

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