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  • Vintage Pisces Pendant

    Vintage Pisces Pendant

  • Vintage Aquarius Pendant

    Vintage Aquarius Pendant

  • Vintage Sagittarius Pendant

    Vintage Sagittarius Pendant

  • Vintage Aries Pendant

    Vintage Aries Pendant

  • Aquarius Constellation PendantAquarius Constellation Pendant

    Aquarius Constellation Pendant

  • Aries Constellation PendantAries Constellation Pendant

    Aries Constellation Pendant

  • Cancer Constellation PendantCancer Constellation Pendant

    Cancer Constellation Pendant

  • Capricorn Constellation PendantCapricorn Constellation Pendant

    Capricorn Constellation Pendant

  • Gemini Constellation PendantGemini Constellation Pendant

    Gemini Constellation Pendant

  • Libra Constellation PendantLibra Constellation Pendant

    Libra Constellation Pendant

  • Pisces Constellation PendantPisces Constellation Pendant

    Pisces Constellation Pendant

  • Sagittarius Constellation PendantSagittarius Constellation Pendant

    Sagittarius Constellation Pendant

  • Scorpio Constellation PendantScorpio Constellation Pendant

    Scorpio Constellation Pendant

  • Taurus Constellation PendantTaurus Constellation Pendant

    Taurus Constellation Pendant

  • Virgo Constellation PendantVirgo Constellation Pendant

    Virgo Constellation Pendant

  • Taurus Bull PendantTaurus Bull Pendant

    Taurus Bull Pendant


Each person is born under a respective zodiac sign. And these stars in space are part of everyone’s everyday life. On Astra Zodia, we offer you several zodiac pendant representing your astrological sign through various jewelry. Through our e-shop, you will find all kinds of zodiac sign pendants to wear in a chic and elegant way.

The astrology pendant, in addition to affirming your astrological sign, brings an aesthetic side and a classy style. The constellation pendant, in an all-purpose color such as gold, is one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry that can be worn with any outfit. Through our collection, you will find top quality jewelry that will sublimate you from head to toe.

Zodiac pendant for one astrological sign

A pendant usually represents a single image. Behind each image is an astrological sign and a unique style. Through our collection of horoscope pendants, find 12 variations of astrological sign designs. Always in search of the new and the most beautiful, Astra zodia has elaborated zodiac sign pendants to give total satisfaction to everyone. Each model of zodiac pendant that are proposed to you will embellish your jewelry while evoking your belonging to your astrological sign.

Zodiac pendant for 12 astrological signs

If you are one of those who are addicted to personalizing jewelry, the pendant zodiac sign is the best way to do it. In addition to the unique signs, our Astra zodia store also offers the zodiac pendant jewelry that groups the 12 astrological signs in a single pendant. On a gold or silver plate, you will have the opportunity to wear around your neck a pendant that marks your personality and value enough.

Like the birth sign pendants, this model is the best gift you can give to your friend or relative. Also, the zodiac sign pendant is one of the best ornamental accessories. However, it has become very fashionable to adorn one’s Zodiac Thong with a touch of sparkling zodiac pendant necklace for an enticing effect.

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