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  • Mini Zodiac Crystal BoxMini Zodiac Crystal Box

    Mini Zodiac Crystal Box

  • Zodiac BoxZodiac Box

    Zodiac Box

  • Zodiac RocksZodiac Rocks

    Zodiac Rocks

  • Constellation CardsConstellation Cards

    Constellation Cards

  • Constellation Birthday CardConstellation Birthday Card

    Constellation Birthday Card

  • Gemini Gift SetGemini Gift Set

    Gemini Gift Set

  • Aries Gift SetAries Gift Set

    Aries Gift Set

  • Pisces Gift SetPisces Gift Set

    Pisces Gift Set

  • Capricorn Gift SetCapricorn Gift Set

    Capricorn Gift Set

  • Cancer Zodiac Gift Setcancer gift sets

    Cancer Zodiac Gift Set

  • Aquarius Gift SetAquarius Gift Set

    Aquarius Gift Set

  • Virgo Gift Setvirgo set

    Virgo Gift Set

  • Virgo Gift BoxVirgo Gift Box

    Virgo Gift Box

    from $59.99
  • Libra Gift BoxLibra Gift Box

    Libra Gift Box

    from $59.99
  • Taurus BoxTaurus Box

    Taurus Box

    from $59.99
  • Scorpio Gift BoxScorpio Gift Box

    Scorpio Gift Box

    from $59.99

To break the formal and routine gift codes, let yourself be carried away by our best collections of astrology gifts to better strengthen the social bond or the feeling of belonging to the groups of which you are a member. The more you favor zodiac gifts, the better you express sympathy to your loved ones, more romance to your couple, more cordiality to your collaborator and more care to your family. Through our site Astra Zodia, you will enjoy different quality gifts at the best price and very memorable. Parent, child, fiancee, business partners will surely find their greatest happiness. Birthday gifts for astrology lovers, astrology anniversary gift, engagement or wedding gift, christmas gifts for zodiac signs … there is something to please all signs. To discover everything from our e-shop, you just need to know the context or the circumstance to offer the ideal.

Astrology Gifts for people with water signs

From astrological clothing to Zodiac Candles, what better way to surprise your loved one for a special moment. Among others, astrology birthday gifts, gifts for zodiac lovers, zodiac christmas gifts, gifts for an astrology lover… For water sign figures, different astrology gift ideas can calm their emotional, empathetic and sensitive personality. How nice it is always to find the joy and smile of the Cancer figure enjoying a box full of candy, or an excellent decorative zodiac sign stuff to revamp the interior design or even jewelry set with pearls. The box of dark chocolate or scented candles are a great delight for Scorpio figures. And Pisces are more appreciative of zodiac stuff gifts with a more romantic and whimsical feel. Especially novels or scented candles…

Astrology Gifts for people with air signs

Astrological gifts worthy of people with air signs are also available exclusively in our site. People in this category are very famous for their unpredictable and volatile character. We have planned especially for them constellation gifts like board games, entertaining books or also personalized gadgets to surprise Gemini. Librans will quickly be seduced by board games, novels, pen holders or even champagne. And Aquarians will surely appreciate cameras, musical speakers or even funny gadgets.

Astrology Gifts for people with fire signs

Aware of the condition of fire sign people with intense and passionate characters, at Astra Zodia there are different zodiac gifts for her to suit their preference. Comforting horoscope gifts make them very happy to support them, control their flame and reduce the degree of illumination. Aries natives surely appreciate our silver astra rings collections. Leo sign people are easily surprised by the astra chain collections in gold, the beautiful brooch or the light fixture to enhance their interior design. Our zodiac gift collections such as photo albums, atlas, pretty cushions or souvenir books will be very appreciated by Sagittarius figures.

Astrology Gifts for people with land signs

Figures with earth signs, being in the center of attention, will find satisfaction from the varieties of zodiac signs gifts so popular and available through our e-shop. Sequined shoes, wine bottles, scarves or scarves, fine pastries are astrology stuff considered a real holy grail for Taureans. Also think of zodiac signs stuff such as pretty suitcases, aromatic herbs or beautiful watches to impress his Virgo ally of traveling nature. For Capricorns, the little things can make their day shine. In particular, board games, desk lamps, desk sets or cuffs…

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