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    Capricorn Pyramid Candle

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    Virgo Pyramid Candle

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    Virgo Candle With Crystals


If you believe in the zodiac signs, you may want to enjoy a more spiritual experience with zodiac candles. The astrology candle collection comes in various scents and is tailored to each zodiac sign. It is ideal for giving to a loved one on a special occasion or for breathing in various fragrances at home. Our zodiac candle come in various models. To find your way among the lot proposed by our e-shop Astra Zodia, find below the specificities of the astrological candles.

Natural candle adapted to each sign of the zodiac

Particularly appreciated as a gift, astrology candles are both an olfactory and decorative accessory par excellence. This model, which can be personalized as you wish, is more than a simple candle and offers various scents adapted to everyone’s taste. You have the possibility to personalize it by engraving on it the astrological sign you wish. The engraving is done in our workshop with a laser for an exceptional result and quality. When you order from Astro Zodia, do not hesitate to communicate the astrological sign to be engraved on the birthday candles zodiac to personalize it. Especially if you wish to offer it during the celebration of a birthday.

Horoscope candles and positive influence

Unlike a classic candle, the natural candle personalized and scented by an astrological sign comes in a complete collection. It is the perfect gift for any constellation of planets, including Leo, Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer, Gemini, etc.

Besides its functional aspect, zodiac sign candles and accessories like astrology nails positively influence your life. Besides checking the horoscope every morning, you can meditate by lighting it to attract positive energy. Thus, this accessory with a strong olfactory signature spreads a positive and relaxing atmosphere in every room of the house as soon as it is turned on.

Astrology candle natural and with diversified scents

The collection proposed on our store Astro Zodia offers you the possibility of selecting the various perfumes and to benefit from this accessory 100 % containing vegetable wax.

Personalized candle sign of the zodiac and scented

The scents available vary according to your request. Generally, you will find the astrology candle scented with rose, guaiac wood, jasmine, honey, ylang-ylang, orange, vanilla, etc. It is also possible to order an authentic note with mint, cherry blossom or raspberry.

A 100% vegetable wax

The birthday candles astrology collection is designed in an artisanal way, based on soya or colza wax to privilege their quality. This choice is dictated both by the need to preserve the environment and to ensure the well-being of customers. To have a wide choice on our proposed models, do not hesitate to consult our complete catalog.

The astrology candle available in our Astra Zodia store does not produce any toxic soot unlike other types of candles. It is an all-natural product that you will find in a wide selection in our store. It is also possible to use the liquid wax as a massage oil if you no longer have any at home. The astrology candle is indeed composed of aromatic oils and essential oils at 5%.

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