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  • Aquarius Crystals SetAquarius Crystals Set

    Aquarius Crystals Set

  • Aries Crystals Setaries crystal set

    Aries Crystals Set

  • Cancer Zodiac Crystal Setzodiac set

    Cancer Zodiac Crystal Set

  • Capricorn Crystals SetCapricorn Crystals Set

    Capricorn Crystals Set

  • Gemini Crystals Setgemini crystal kit

    Gemini Crystals Set

  • Leo Crystals Setleo zodiac crystal set

    Leo Crystals Set

  • Libra Crystals Set

    Libra Crystals Set

  • Pisces Crystal SetPisces Crystal Set

    Pisces Crystal Set

  • Sagittarius Crystal SetSagittarius Crystal Set

    Sagittarius Crystal Set

  • Scorpio Crystals SetScorpio Crystals Set

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  • Taurus Crystal SetTaurus Crystal Set

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  • Virgo Crystal Setvirgo crystals set

    Virgo Crystal Set


If you are one of those people who read the horoscope every morning on specialized sites, you will probably be interested in zodiac crystals. For those who are hearing this for the first time, these are different stones for each astrological sign. Considered mostly as a gemstone, astrology crystals allow you to highlight particular characters specific to your sign. Through its entire collection of zodiac crystals, our online store Astra Zodia makes you discover them in all colors.

Crystal zodiac: the best gift to give to a loved one

To offer a special gift, it is possible to get a zodiac crystal collection from our online store Astra Zodia. These are gemstones used in the astrological field corresponding to a sign of the zodiac, according to the month of birth of each person. However, in order to make the right choice, especially if you wish to offer it to a loved one, it is recommended to learn about the cosmic crystals adapted to each astrological sign. So, here are some indications about these birthstones before making your purchase :

– Aries : Carnelian, Red Jasper, Yellow Jade  
– Taurus : Red tiger eye, Sodalite, Emerald
– Gemini : serpentine, Howlite , Cyanite
– Cancer : Angelite, Moonstone, Rhodonite
– Leo : Ametrine, Tiger’s eye, Ruby Zoisite
– Virgo : rainforest jasper, Galena Quartz
– Libra : Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, Blue Sapphire
– Scorpio : Quartz, Labradorite, Ancestralite
– Sagittarius : Sunstone, turquoise, Blue Topas
– Capricorn : Red lace agate, Black tourmaline
– Aquarius : Hyperstene, amethyst, jasper
– Pisces : Indigo Gabbro, Yellow Quartz, Seaweed

Positive influence of Zodiac crystals

You should know that each sign of the zodiac has crystals of predilection specific to their celestial stars. However, it is also possible that an astrology crystal corresponds to several signs. In this case, if you are looking for an Astrology Gifts, you will have a wide choice by consulting the catalog of stones offered on Astra Zodia. Also, remember that these are aligned with the vibration of the universe and will bring you health, luck, protection and long life. Zodiac crystal sets are known to influence your destiny if you get the right zodiac stone for your sign. To help you achieve your goals easily, you can enhance the planetary influence with the help of these natural gems.

Zodiac crystals in all their states

The use of zodiac crystal kits achieves amazing results, if you believe in their influence on your life. You can use them in different ways :

The perfect gift for a loved one

To show your affection for a particular person, don’t hesitate to help them achieve their goals by giving them an effective tool like a natural stone.

To attract positive energy to yourself

You can also get a zodiac crystals set for your own pleasure and to help you meditate. In this way, you benefit from the vibrations of the cosmic stones by selecting the one that best suits your sign and personality.

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