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  • Iphone 11 Zodiac Casezodiac sign iphone 11 case

    Iphone 11 Zodiac Case

  • Iphone X Constellation CaseIphone X Constellation Case

    Iphone X Constellation Case

  • Constellation Phone Caseconstellation case

    Constellation Phone Case

  • Constellation Iphone XR Caseconstellation phone case iphone xr

    Constellation Iphone XR Case

  • Constellation Iphone 11 CaseConstellation Iphone 11 Case

    Constellation Iphone 11 Case

  • Constellation Iphone 7 CaseConstellation Iphone 7 Case

    Constellation Iphone 7 Case

  • Zodiac Iphone XR CaseZodiac Iphone XR Case

    Zodiac Iphone XR Case

  • Constellation Iphone 8 Caseiphone 8 constellation case

    Constellation Iphone 8 Case

  • Astrology Iphone XR CaseAstrology Iphone XR Case

    Astrology Iphone XR Case

  • Astrology Iphone 11 CaseAstrology Iphone 11 Case

    Astrology Iphone 11 Case

  • Libra Phone Case Iphone 13Libra Phone Case Iphone 13

    Libra Phone Case Iphone 13

  • Taurus Iphone 13 CaseTaurus Iphone 13 Case

    Taurus Iphone 13 Case

  • Leo Iphone 11 CaseLeo Iphone 11 Case

    Leo Iphone 11 Case

  • Virgo Iphone 11 CaseVirgo Iphone 11 Case

    Virgo Iphone 11 Case

  • Libra Iphone 11 CaseLibra Iphone 11 Case

    Libra Iphone 11 Case

  • Sagittarius Iphone 11 CaseSagittarius Iphone 11 Case

    Sagittarius Iphone 11 Case


Enhance the style of your phone while expressing your passion for astrology with our zodiac phone case collection at Astra Zodia. Unique in its kind, our case collections are ideal for people looking for originality.

An irresistible astrological style that does not go unnoticed

Zodiac phone cases are a work of art in themselves. Complete your collection of Zodiac decorations by taking a look at our selection of Zodiac Figurines. Each of the beautiful hulls we offer is the result of painstaking work by passionate artists who have invested all their skill and love in understanding the unique virtues of each zodiac sign. The result is a singular and bewitching design that never fails to charm the eye and excite the curious mind.

Customization options to suit your image

Our zodiac sign phone cases are real collector’s items for astrology connoisseurs and lovers of precious objects. Let yourself be seduced by our range of customizable cases. Thanks to our personalization tool, choose the background color that will sublimate your style and the symbol that embodies your astrological sign. The zodiac signs phone cases are tailor-made for your phone model, fitting with elegance and precision the shapes and dimensions of your device.

Zodiac Phone Case: your sign, your style, your protection

More than just a protective case for your phone. Lightweight and easy to install, our Astrology Phone Case collection combines rock-solid strength with impeccable craftsmanship. The Astrology Phone Case is a guarantee of unparalleled strength and durability, offering optimal defense for your device while providing a refined look.

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