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  • Constellation Travel MugConstellation Travel Mug

    Constellation Travel Mug

  • Zodiac Travel MugZodiac Travel Mug

    Zodiac Travel Mug

  • Constellation Coffee CupConstellation Coffee Cup

    Constellation Coffee Cup

  • Zodiac Tea Setzodiac teacup

    Zodiac Tea Set

  • Chinese Zodiac Tea Cupshoroscope teacup

    Chinese Zodiac Tea Cups

  • Chinese Zodiac MugsChinese Zodiac Mugs

    Chinese Zodiac Mugs

  • Fisher Zodiac Coffee MugsFisher Zodiac Coffee Mugs

    Fisher Zodiac Coffee Mugs


Astra Zodia is your destination for custom Zodiac mugs. Meticulously designed to reflect your uniqueness, while adding a pinch of sophistication to your dinnerware collection. Each zodiac mugs has been specifically crafted to represent the characteristics of the zodiac signs with meticulous attention to detail. This makes our constellation mug a true collector’s item that will last for years.

The ornamentation of the constellations

The design of our zodiac coffee mugs is carefully created to highlight personality traits with astrological elements. The corresponding astrological symbols are adorned with beautiful constellations that add a note of distinction to our mug selection. Each astrology mug design embodies the essence of each sign, from the vibrant colors of Leo to the subtle symbolism of Pisces. Discover your corresponding astrological sign and pair it with our Zodiac Puzzle for the perfect combination.

Customizable Zodiac mugs that look like you

Whether you’re looking for a mug for your morning coffee or your favorite tea, our zodiac cups bring a personal touch to every moment of your day. Astra zodia offers you the opportunity to personalize our zodiac mug with names, dates or special quotes. Create a custom mug that is completely yours with our zodiac sign mugs. Astrology mugs that will be the envy of your friends and family.

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